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"Under the Rose" Breeds New Forms of Attraction

Harbinger is proud to share our corporate headquarters with Florida Mining, one of only a handful of museum-quality galleries between Atlanta and Miami showing exciting work by emerging and mid-career artists. Florida Mining has recently had two of the artists they represent accepted into the prestigious State of the Art exhibition at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The national search for the handful of artists selected for this exhibition was chronicled in the New York Times and Esquire (read the curator’s post here: http://crystalbridges.org/blog/giant-face-ended-esquire-chad-alligood/) and the fact that two of the selected artists are represented by Florida Mining is something we are all quite proud of. We’ve been believers in the work of Kedgar Volta and Hiromi Moneyhun for some time around here. All of this makes us even more excited about Hiromi’s show at Florida Mining next month.

Hiromi2Hiromi Moneyhun Show at Florida Mining

Ideas of beauty transcend outward appearance in the enigmatic work of Hiromi Moneyhun. Using the delicate medium of paper cuts, Moneyhun creates meticulously rendered pieces that blur the lines between drawing and sculpture. The end result offers ghostly images that seem to hover and shimmer against the light and darkness of the gallery walls. “My art is simultaneously 2D, using single-plane paper, and 3D, as the viewer can potentially break the plane by putting his fingers through it,” explains Moneyhun, “and the shadows of my pieces are as much a part of the image as the paper is.”

Hiromi Moneyhun’s Under the Rose, borrows its title from the Thomas Pynchon short story of the same name. This exhibit employs perceptions of attractiveness as an inspiration for a collection based on female forms.

“The so-called beauty that is represented by the images I created is simply someone’s idea — or ideal — of beauty. In this case, that ‘someone’ is men, who have imposed their idea upon the women who are the subject matter of these images. There is a certain beauty to these women, but it is perhaps a surface beauty that ends where the cause for that beauty begins. Under the rose is a stem full of thorns.”Hiromi

Hiromi Moneyhun’s works have been featured in ten solo and group shows. In addition to Florida Mining, upcoming shows include State of the Art at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas (Sept.- Jan 2015), The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens (Feb. 2015), and Delray Beach’s Morikami Japanese Museum and Gardens (2016). Moneyhun’s work has appeared in media outlets including Arbus Magazine, Folio Weekly, and UK art site Aesthetica.

Join us for the Opening Reception @ Florida Mining 6:00-8:00 PM
Thursday, September 4th, 2014

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