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Jul 22
Billionaires Blast Off
Does that mean space is no longer cool now that tourists can go there?
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Jul 15
Raising The Stakes
The increasing odds of a casino coming to Jacksonville.
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Jul 1
Where Are Those Flying Cars We Were Promised
A look at transportation innovation that is a little more grounded in reality.
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Jun 24
Who Said Quitters Never Win?
Vince Lombardi used to say, “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” He's wrong.
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Jun 17
Build Baby, Build
The U.S. housing market needs 5.5 million more units. So what are we waiting for?
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Jun 10
The Case For Unregulated Parking
The high cost of minimum parking requirements
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Jun 3
5 Tips For The Start Of Summer
A few personal and professional tips to take with you as we emerge on the other side of the pandemic.
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May 20
Hostage Taking Is Not A Legitimate Business Plan
The scourge of ransomware attacks on US business.
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May 13
Growing Pains
Prices are rising, does that mean inflation? Plus how to support the Emerald Trail, Jacksonville's best idea in years.
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May 6
The Short Economy
Demand for poultry outstrips supply, forcing some bars and restaurants to go weeks without serving wings -- how supply shortages came to define the post-pandemic economy.
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Apr 29
C-Stores See EV 🔌 Opportunity
How gas stations can adapt to increasing EV market penetration and create new value.
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Apr 22
3 Ways The Construction Industry Is Building A Better World 🌎
Plus, why brutalism is good, actually.
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