Is an LED Retrofit Right for Your Business?

Answer 5 Questions to Get Pricing Details & the Data

We’ve published scores of articles about LED lighting and LED retrofits over the years. This time we decided to start simple and then equip you with everything you need to inform your decision. For free. Online. You don’t have to talk to anyone until you’re ready. We’ll give you prices and data up front. Follow these 3 easy steps to getting your LED retrofit research done and done.

First of All: Is an LED Retrofit Right for You?

Answer these 5 simple questions to find out if an LED retrofit is the right solution for you:

  1. Are you interested in prolonging the life of your existing signs?
  2. Is your sign system a standard size?
  3. Is your objective to save operating expenses over the long term or do you need a solution that is cheapest out-of-the-box?
  4. How many locations are you considering this for?
  5. Would you like to reduce your business’ carbon footprint (and get some positive press)?

At the end of this article, follow the button to see some facts that might inform how you answer these questions. If you are then ready for more, we have a secret for you. Follow the links and we’ll tell you everything.

Second: How Much Do LED Retrofit Kits Cost

At the end of the 5 Questions article, you will probably want to know more about what an LED retrofit actually costs, so you can assess the viability before you are talking to a salesperson. We get that. We want to give you everything you need and price points for the kits are a great place to start.

Third: Get a Comprehensive Document with All of the Data You Need to Decide for Yourself

Get this LED Retrofit Whitepaper with Comprehensive Third Party Data

Get this LED Retrofit Whitepaper with Comprehensive Third Party Data

So look at the 5 Questions article, check out pricing, and then download our comprehensive whitepaper with all of the supporting data from objective third-party sources. When you feel like you know everything you can learn on your own, we can help you put the final pieces in place with specifics about your locations.


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