5 Ways Business is Better with Gas Price e-Signs

Remember when changing gasoline prices involved the “suction cup” method of using long extended poles or climbing up a ladder to slide numbers into a plastic slot on your sign? Or when it took employees nearly 30 minutes to make a price change while exposing themselves to physical dangers and inclement weather? How about when the prices weren’t changed fast enough to be competitive?

If those are today’s realities instead of the “good old days,” it’s time to consider upgrading to digital gasoline price signage. New signage and existing sign retrofitting is available, making upgrades a fiscal reality for nearly any budget. Also, the business benefits are numerous.

Instant fuel price updates – Gasoline price changes can be done remotely in less than a minute and connect directly to the POS system. Stores can stay competitive, never having posted fuel prices 5 cents too high or too low for any amount of time.

Labor savings – Employees can concentrate on customer service and other essential duties because they no longer have to go outside to change fuel price signs. The store is never left unattended.

Reduced liability – Without the physical aspect of changing signs, workers’ compensation claims and other liabilities related to the dangers of working at heights and around heavy automobile traffic areas can be minimized.

Attract customers – Digital signs have a wider viewing angle, which can be seen from more vantage points. Also, some consumers equate state-of-the-art signage to modern, cleaner stores.

Product promotion – Prices and promotions for in-store products, such as cigarettes, soda or milk can be displayed along with gasoline prices.

Harbinger has converted or installed more than 120 digital gas price e-signs for customers around the country since 2009. The company works with leading component suppliers, such as Daktronics, Future Media and Watchfire2 to ensure the latest LED technologies are used. New signs or retrofitting options are available.

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