Aesthetics of the Community

Designing Our World with Smart, Thoughtful Sign Programs

Sometimes when I walk out into the world, I feel like I’m on an alien planet. The world is so poorly designed in some places! Do steveisinthebuilding2the people that make things ever talk to each other or look around and try to make something useful and beautiful? While I can’t control the wildly dissonant design of the world at large, we try to do our part.

Harbinger is not your average sign shop. That is made immediately clear when you step in our front door. Our reception area is an art gallery. One of only a handful of museum-quality gallery spaces between Miami and Atlanta. It is a contemporary, artfully designed space. This is not what most sign shops look like. This isn’t just because we want people to think we are artsy, this is because we are committed to aesthetics.

Curating Brands in a Visually Congested Landscape

Most sign shops are only thinking about one thing: making more signs. We look at things differently. We don’t want to just make signs, we want to make our world look and function better. In our perpetual quest for The Sign of The Future, we look for the most efficient ways to get your message out into a visually congested world in a way that effectively focuses your brand’s message, meets your scalability and augmentation needs, is energy efficient, and looks great in its unique context. We don’t just want you to have a great sign; we also want the community to see your sign as a welcomed complement to the overall visual landscape.

Participation in Communities Committed to Culture & Aesthetics

This compulsion of ours to improve community aesthetics doesn’t stop with the development of your sign program. Through our contributions to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, the Museum of Contemporary Arts Jacksonville, and our participation in organizations such as Jacksonville Cultural Council, we take every opportunity to design a more fulfilling community in Jacksonville. Beyond our hometown, we participate in the Society for Experiential Design, an international organization of architects and designers that pursues excellence in designing experiences in the physical environment.

Understanding Audience & Context

clutterThe function of a sign is to strategically convey information. This task is met by our comprehensive ability to contextualize your company within a visual framework.


“It takes more than just placing information where someone can see it, one must understand who that person is, where they are when they see it and then design it in a way that helps people want to receive the information.”

More than our participation in the arts and our unflappable commitment to good design, our understanding of the principle purpose of a sign and how it will actually work when built into the physical environment separates Harbinger from the rest. Your customers shouldn’t feel alienated by a hostile world, they should feel welcomed and embraced by your brand. You have what they are looking for, we want to help you effectively communicate that.

So if you are interested in a thoughtful sign program, reach out to us! We look forward to meeting you.

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