The Very Best of #SignLove, our international hashtag

The Hashtag We Created a Few Years Ago Has Gone International

MrLuckyA few years back, sometime in 2012, Anthony Edwards, the Command Pilot for Harbinger Innovation Group, first introduced #signlove as part of a campaign for Harbinger and Clear Channel. It has since become an increasingly popular hashtag on Instagram and a great way to see some of the country’s coolest and most hilarious signs. Although mid-century motels and liquor stores take the cake for cool old-school signs, we found tons of amazing pictures from all over the country under our hashtag.


#signlove posts by @saguarosally


Some of the superheroes of #signlove are definitely keeping the hashtag alive with amazing pictures. Among them is an Arizona iger named Sarah that posts as @saguarosally. She had hands-down our favorite of the #signlove pics on IG. She snapped the Mr. Lucky’s image you see above as well as these stellar shots from out west.



#signlove posts by @highway_highlights

Another #signlove superhero is a guy named Seth that posts to IG as @highway_highlights. A Minnesota man with a penchant for roadside oddities, he is a major contributor to some of the best #signlove posts we came across from the last year. Check out his blog, for more from Seth.

Other IGers Posting #Signlove That We Love

Portland, Oregon iger Jon Kraft posts as @jonnyace and has quite a collection of sign pics to his name. One of which, Tad’s Chicken ‘N Dumplins, made the featured image position of this post.


#signlove post from @lomo82

Lauren from Liverpool UK posts as @lomo82. Priscilla Acker is a SoCal iger that posts as @prisacker. “NoLa” is a “Britamerican living in CA” who posts as @bettybarfight. “K Swizzle” posts as @creepalerthigh.


#signlove from @prisacker

Ashley Brooks is a Portlander that posts as @ashaebrooks, and someone that calls herself “Chigirl” posts as @cyclemania14. Check out their #signlove here.


#signlove from @creepalerthigh


#signlove from @ashraebrooks


#signlove from @cyclemania14

Some others we loved but did not include here are T. P. Low who posts as @upon_the_wall, Tommy Comeaux who posts as @tommycomeaux and David Kessler who posts as @dpkessler. To all of you photogs keeping #signlove alive, we salute you! Keep it up!

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