Best Practices of Multi-Location Permitting

One of the most crucial elements of sign installation is not the sign (although that is crucial too) — it’s the permit. Every municipality and county has different signage guidelines and regulations. Therefore, a signage partner must have the experience and processes in place to navigate the complexities of permitting (and multi-location permitting) on your behalf.

Best practices include:

  • Maintaining a library or database of the various regulations
  • Assigning a specific project manager to oversee the entire process from permitting through sign installation
  • Verifying regulations to ensure new laws or amendments are considered
  • Gathering the application information and submitting appropriate paperwork; if several permits are needed within the same geographic area, applying for them all at once
  • Presenting in front of design and/or review committees, if needed

Depending on the type of sign and the locality regulations, sign permits can take as little as one day to as long as six weeks to get processed and approved. A reliable sign partner also will help manage expectations and maintain an accurate project timeline to ensure installation deadlines are met.

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