Investing in Better Fabrication Saves Money

An Interview with Harbinger’s VP of Operations, Mike Lev

Not all signs are born equal. We sat down with Mike Lev, the VP of Operations at Harbinger, to discuss how the signs he oversees production of in our 60K square foot manufacturing facility differ from other custom signs produced by other companies.

“There are other factors to consider other than just how a sign looks. There is the planning, design and engineering for longevity, the materials used, and especially the integrity and willingness of the sign manufacturer to go the extra mile,” says Mike.

Fastest Fabrication in the Business

Lev has been with Harbinger for 21 years. He started working on the floor and worked his way up to running operations. Few people in the sign industry know fabrication better than him. Harbinger’s fabrication process is one of the fastest in the industry. From approved design to completion of fabrication usually takes just 5 days. Industry average is 30 days. But does this increased speed of delivery mean compromising the quality of the product?

“To create a sign that looks great and will also last, we carefully plan the project before we start making the parts. The most important consideration for us is structural integrity and understanding the details of the environment where the sign is being installed. Many companies overlook that in favor of keeping costs down.”

Building Better Signs for the Long Term

Often the person ordering the sign is a contractor who is only interested in the sign looking great for the moment the location opens. By the time that sign starts to fail (even if that’s only a matter of months) that contractor has moved on to another job and you are stuck with the lemon you bought.

“When we are ordering the materials needed, we use the best vinyl, paints, plastics, and metals rather than the cheapest. Our name is on the line with every sign, so we want to make the sign not just good, but great.”

“Sometimes our estimates are higher than our competition. That’s because we are honest and we believe that the value comes from the sign lasting longer, using less electricity, and requiring fewer repairs,” says Mike.

When measured out over the lifespan of your brand, you ultimately spend less and stress less with a sign by Harbinger than you would with one that is going to break down every few months.

“You get what you pay for, but paying less is often just an illusion. You might be paying more in the long term.”

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