Design Trends in 2020

Design trends are constantly fluid. It seems like every day there’s something new on the scene that takes design in a whole new direction. What’s popular at one time could be completely outdated just a few years later. At Harbinger we take design very seriously – our existence is essentially based on it! We’re always watching for what’s new in design so we can better understand every want and need our clients have. Not only are we observant of emerging trends in sign design, but we also pay attention to graphic design, interior design and many other elements of design that might influence what we’re doing.  As we said, what’s popular in design is always changing. Here are a few design trends we’ve noticed are on the rise now in 2020.


Graphic Design

If you ask ten designers to tell you what they think are some current graphic design trends it’s likely you’ll get ten different answers. Graphic design is so broad and is used across many different industries, so it’s no wonder that what’s popular for one person won’t be for another. At Harbinger, we often work with graphic designers during our projects to help us bring our many different types of signs to life. Two trends we’ve noticed in graphic design this year are minimalism and three-dimensional design.

Businesses are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. One way a business can stand out is not by doing more, but actually doing less. Refreshing branding with a minimal design has been on the rise and will continue to trend upward this year.

Like minimalism, three-dimensional design is also a popular choice for artists and businesses looking to stand out. Three-dimensional design hasn’t always been possible, but cutting-edge programs and talented designers are making three-dimensional design to come to life. From wall art to websites and even signage, three-dimensional design is here to stay.


Sign Design

A sign is a sign – so you might think. All signs serve a purpose, yes, but can achieve their goal is completely unique ways. The Harbinger team is always looking for new and exciting ways to take sign design to the next level. We never think of a sign as just a sign – to us they’re an art form. Two trends in sign design that are on the rise this year are color and lighted sign systems.

Signs have always used color in the past, but many brands have been nervous to go crazy with color. We’re beginning to see that mindset shift. Many businesses are no longer afraid to incorporate bright and beautiful colors in their branding. Getting creative with color for your sign is a way to make your brand more recognizable and can help the sign stand out better in its environment.

Lights are being used now more than ever to give signs a fresh and even more modern look. They can take what would normally be a good sign and make it great with a simple solution. For example, backlighting channel letters can give it a more modern look and the flexibility to change your brand’s colors at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re receiving a pylon, monument, façade or virtually any other type of sign for your business, the professionals at Harbinger can customize your design to include lights.

Trends may come and go, but a professionally designed sign can stay beautiful for a long time. We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in design and consult with top designers to bring about new ideas for our practice. If any of these new trends have caught your attention, contact the Harbinger team at 904-268-4681 to learn how we can work together to bring your design dreams to life!

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