Harbinger Sign minimizes maintenance costs at Edwin Watts Golf

Edwin Watts Golf Shops, LLC headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is one of the world’s premier specialty golf retailers. The company operates as an integrated, multi-channel retailer, offering the freshest assortment of brand name golf equipment, apparel, and accessories through its 90+ USA retail locations, eCommerce Internet site, and digital catalog.  The combination of the highest level of customer service and reputation as the most trusted retailer in golf for over 42 years has earned the organization the right to be known as America’s Golf Club.

According to Therese Grossman, director of construction, “effectively managing our national network means we have to be over-vigilant about our operating costs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With over 90 locations, and maintenance costs skyrocketing, we look for every opportunity to save, and still maintain our brand”.

Minimizing maintenance costs was critical for Edwin Watts Golf.  They needed to reduce the painful frequency with which their pylon signs were being serviced to replace fluorescent lamps and ballasts.  In addition there was the servicing associated with neon illumination in their wall signs.   “It wasn’t just the real financial costs associated with maintenance, but also the exhausting, time consuming process of having the store managers take time out of managing their stores to report outages, then scheduling the service calls, and doing the ‘night patrol’ to make sure that signs were operating correctly”, says Grossman.

That’s why when Harbinger showed Edwin Watts Golf that using low-voltage LED illumination would result in greater sustainability, safety and reduced maintenance costs in their wall signs, monument signs and pylon signs, it was a change that they could easily adopt.

LED illumination now offers Edwin Watts Golf more than 10 years of hassle-free illumination on every sign installed by Harbinger. “Incorporating LED illumination in our signs has resulted in less signage-related servicing  which has allowed our business to re-allocate resources helping us exceed our customers’ expectations in-store, and to further continue the successful growth of our brand”, says Grossman.  “I’m not spending my time dealing with maintenance issues on those signs.  And our store managers are confident that their signs are giving them 24-hour brand exposure.

Grossman’s closing thoughts echoed what many of Harbinger’s clients tell them . . .“We never thought we’d reduce our sign maintenance and energy costs simply by changing to LED illumination.  Harbinger made that a reality for us.  We not only have outstanding brand management, but now reduced cost of ownership.”

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