Rorschach 10 in The Highway Gallery Exhibition

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (April 1, 2013) Clear Channel Outdoor and Clearly Jacksonville along with Harbinger and Florida Mining joined forces to bring public art to Jacksonville.

From April 1 through 30, 2013, digital billboards throughout the city displayed rotating public art projects alongside advertising. The Highway Gallery – a city-wide public art campaign – featured imagery by local artist JASON FORT, momentarily transforming space typically used for commerce.

Jason Fort: Rorschach 10 was seen millions of times throughout the month of April by visitors and residents alike, reaching people of all backgrounds, ages and races.

JASON FORT started his artistic career more than 20 years ago in Jacksonville, FL. He is a self-taught artist/designer/architect/inventor. Throughout his career, his art and contemporary furnishings have been shown in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Jacksonville. In the 1990s he served as the exhibition and lighting designer for the Jacksonville Art Museum. Jason was also an early pioneer, opening a cutting-edge art gallery in Springfield in 1992. This gallery featured local and internationally known artists, including Andy Warhol, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, and Enzo Torcoletti.

Fort’s drawings are inspired by science, nature, technology and psychology. His recent works have been generated from the deconstruction of vector drawings of inventions he has developed. Despite being rooted in mathematical formulations, the drawings are quite abstract. Some pieces contain millions of individual polygons giving them immense detail and a three dimensional quality. His limited edition prints range in size from 8 x 8 inches to as large as 20 x 20 feet.

Project Description:
These billboard images are part of a series entitled Rorschach 10. An interpretive update to Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach’s famous 10 inkblots which he developed in 1921 as a basis of psychological evaluation. The Rorschach 10 series builds on the inkblot concept. The mirrored image drawings contain a level of complexity far beyond the original 10 inkblots. This level of complex abstraction allows a much greater range of individual interpretation of each image. The work is representative of the visual overload we have become accustomed to and even crave in today’s digital world.

Florida Mining, a division of Harbinger, presents contemporary, forward- thinking works of art to an engaged audience.


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