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Harbinger's LED Retrofit Program Makes Signs Cleaner and Greener

How do you help the world glow a little brighter while simultaneously reducing energy consumption? With an LED retrofitted sign, of course!


It all began in 2010, when Harbinger’s longtime client 7-Eleven made the bold decision to massively reduce their carbon footprint. As they focused on how to lower energy usage inside their stores, they challenged Harbinger to create a way to do the same outside – specifically, with their fluorescent signage.

Harbinger at that point had already been exploring the rapidly growing LED light technology and experimenting with different ways to incorporate its usages in sign cabinets. LED lighting provides a lot of attractive features: it gives off a clean, bright light, it is relatively small, produces very little heat, has a long lifespan, and – best of all – it uses significantly less energy than the alternatives.

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While the benefits of using LED lighting for signage was clear, the way in which to retrofit the old fluorescents with new LEDs was not. Harbinger experts surveyed the field and experimented with several different options, ultimately selecting GE lights and creating a patented LED Retrofit Kit. The kit was shipped off to select partners across the country and in just ten months, 2,000 7-Eleven stores across the nation became greener with the new technology.

The program has been so successful that 7-Eleven mandated that all new signs be made with LED lights, and Harbinger is working to retrofit all of the remaining stores of 7-Eleven’s 7,500 throughout the United States. Harbinger’s LED Retrofit Kit is available for any company with a fluorescent sign cabinet, and works in almost any situation.

A brighter, cleaner, greener world. Let’s all do better, together.

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