Harbinger Makes "Going Green" Easy for Goodwill

Utilizing LED Technology to Build a Better Business

When a leading non-profit organization teams up with a nationally renowned sign company, incredible things happen. Since 2003, Harbinger has enjoyed being at the forefront of Goodwill Industries of North Florida’s rocketing growth and expansion. As their needs develop, our design and project management teams respond. As deadlines evolve, our installation crews “just make it happen.” Harbinger insures that outstanding products, service and communication give Goodwill Industries of North Florida confidence in their continued partnership.

Utilizing LED Technology to Reduce Goodwill’s Carbon Footprint

And it doesn’t stop with service and products. Today Goodwill searches for new technologies that make their signs more reliable with minimal servicing and substantially-reduced operating costs. By incorporating LED technology in their channel letter, pylon and monument signs, we reduce their maintenance expenses, extend the life of the sign’s lighting technology, and minimize their carbon footprint.

As a leading non-profit, we have a responsibility to demonstrate a keen social conscience with respect to minimizing any impact our store operations can have on our environment today and in the future. Incorporating energy savings options meets our corporate mandate about being responsible world citizens. The additional benefit of achieving operating savings – we’re over the moon with that.Karen Phillips, Goodwill’s Chief Administrative Officer

Goodwill’s LED-illuminated signs reduce their sign-related energy costs by 75% annually. And due to highly reduced maintenance, their overall sign operating costs are also reduced. And if you’re a multi-location enterprise like Goodwill, that can have a significant financial impact on your bottom line.

If you are considering a new sign program for your locations and are interested in getting an estimate on LED signs, please contact us for a free consultation. If you want to keep your existing signs and retrofit their internal illumination systems to LED, take a look at this article that will help you see if an LED Retrofit is right for your business: 

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