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Digital Printing on Vinyl - Coat the Walls with Your Brand

Advances in graphic vinyl films – whether textured, colored or digital print – have exploded. Dozens of film options have become hundreds.

Graphic Films Can be Used On:

  • Interior walls
  • Masonry
  • Windows
  • Almost any surface

4 Questions to Help Guide Your Digital Printing on Vinyl Project

The kinds of films and inks vary by intended application, product durability, and properties that resist fading or retain brighter colors when printed. This abundance of choice is beneficial, although it often can seem overwhelming. So we asked Harbinger’s Creative Director, Ed Busey, to help us determine the appropriate products to use for clients’ signage. According to Ed, there are three key questions he asks clients.

Digital printing on vinyl

The Vinyl Team Digitally Printing, Cutting, and Applying Vinyl Graphics at Harbinger

Where do you want the graphic to be applied?

“It makes a big difference whether the film is going to be used on the side of an exterior brick wall or in an interior space. In fact, even in interiors, no two walls are the same due to the paint surface, textures or drywall on which the film will be placed,” Ed explains.

How long do you want it to be there?

“A film used for a sign inside a lobby for a few weeks has different properties than a perforated window film intended to remain in place for several months to a year. Likewise, a graphic applied to the sidewalk exposed to foot traffic and weather requires an entirely different approach than in interior wall application.”

What do you intend to use it for?

“It is important to determine whether the sign will be a ‘throw away’ after a short period of specific use, or whether it should be made to withstand being repositioned various times or stored away for annual events.”

What do you want the graphic to accomplish?

“This may be the most important question of all. You may think you know exactly what you want, and I’m sure you do. But our content design team (Harbinger Innovation Group) has data and experience that can help inform how to best achieve your real goal. Crafting a branded interior requires one kind of content whereas trying to create a sales lift in a specific product line requires a completely different approach. Tell us what you want, but also tell us why so we can help you create something that will yield tangible results.”

With Digital Printing on Vinyl Film, You Can Create Almost Anything

Armed with these answers, Harbinger’s expert vinyl department evaluates the product options provided by the leading vinyl film companies (like 3M, Oracal and Arlon) to determine the most cost-efficient and effective signage program to help you meet your needs.

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