Harbinger Designer Places in AIGA Summer Poster Show

Corey Kolb's Revolution Will Not Go Better with Coke

SummerPoster1AIGA Jacksonville presented their annual Always Summer Weekend mixtape & poster show on Saturday, September 27 at the CoRK Arts District North Gallery in Jacksonville and our own Corey Kolb took 2nd place.

Harbinger Innovation’s Visual Engineer, Corey Kolb, is the interface designer, user experience technician and typography guru at hi. One of his passion projects outside of work is creating graphic art that comments on the culture in which it is placed. One of his more visible local pieces is the Rise from the Ashes mural downtown (pictured above) that he and local artist Eric Hinote designed and installed for the first One Spark.

An inspiration for Corey is Jax Laridae, a public art project (see this great video by Joe Karably.)

AIGA Poster Show

Artists of all disciplines were invited to submit a poster featuring their favorite summer song. Posters were judged according to inspired creativity, exemplary illustration, sound typography and well-executed technique.

Inspired by Gil Scott-Heron

Corey’s poster is inspired by the song/spoken word track “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron from the 1971 album “Pieces of a Man.” This work addresses a common theme in Corey’s work, how corporations willfully trick their own customers into thinking they will be more fulfilled by engaging with their brand or buying their products.

The work is compelling and we are proud to have such a visionary on our team. We are proud of his passions both in and outside of the office.

AIGA is the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the leading professional association for graphic design.

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