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Harbinger Innovation Group's New User Interface

Harbinger Innovation Group (hi.) is a small creative team that consists of graphic, architectural and user experience designers, a content strategist, and a project manager that act as Harbinger’s creative design department.

Creating smart content for everyone but themselves.

The hi. team utilizes an elevated design ethic and smart, data-driven, goal-oriented content strategies to make communications systems more effective. From crafting user-focused branded environments to designing more effective sign programs to elegant user interfaces and websites, hi. has been helping their clients develop better brand experiences since their inception just last year.

Failure to launch.


In the frenetic haze of business, their own digital presence suffered. As the saying goes, the architect’s house is crooked (does anyone say that?). So for a long time, innovatewith.us just repeated a video of a space capsule failing to launch. Its pathetic state of perpetual stasis chewed on the hi. team’s nerves every day as they innovated solutions for client after client while their own problem hovered there, teetering just above the planet’s surface, but never launching into space.

The taunting has ended.

A new website has launched at innovatewith.us.

Harbinger Innovation Group Website

The index page for the hi. website at innovatewith.us

Be Our User Tester

Although only an initial sprint toward conveying the hi. brand online, this small step is still a great leap forward. Around the office the nerds call it a “microsite” because it is small and simple, but to the rest of the world it is “the hi. website.” Please help them out by reviewing it and taking this little journey through what Harbinger Innovation does to provide any and all comments. From user suggestions regarding functionality or content to praise and unfettered flattery, they want to hear it all.

Some user testing questions:

  1. After looking over the site (pretend it wasn’t explained in the intro to this article), do you have any idea what it is they actually do? Go ahead and explain to us what it is you think they do.
  2. Why do they call themselves an “innovation group?”
  3. Imagine you are the CEO of a vast chain of convenience stores or restaurants, what products or services do you think would appeal to you?
  4. What businesses do you imagine utilize their services most frequently: Convenience Stores/Gas Stations, Restaurants, Retailers, or Companies That Need Websites?
  5. Can you find any of their work? If so, which is your favorite?
  6. Can you figure out how to contact them? We hope so, because we’d like you to submit your answers to these user testing questions on their Contact page.

In addition to these answers, feel free to provide any other feedback on how you think they could improve this site. They are not sensitive about critical feedback and they appreciate anyone taking the time to poke through it and provide your thoughts.

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