Harbinger Innovation Group to Present at Ignite, Jacksonville

Harbinger Innovation Group to Present at Ignite

Harbinger Innovation Group LogoExperience design is kind of a big deal to the techno-geeks in Harbinger Innovation Group. It’s a big deal everywhere these days. Innovation and experience design are hands-down the sexiest topics right now. It was no shocker when people learned that there are experience designers in the world of theme parks, but nowadays even 7-Eleven has a VP of Innovation who has deemed that “experience” is the new brand identity.

All of this stuff gives the hi. team little chills because hi. has been touting the value of experience design since their inception. But it has been slow going getting the old sign shop to catch on and believe in it. Even with CEO Steve Williams acting as chapter chair for the Society of Experiential Graphic Design in Jacksonville, the old guard is still hard to pull into the future. In general it is difficult to explain to Jacksonville’s old guard how branding is no longer about just a mark, it is about the experience the brand designs for the user. Hopefully more events like this will make those conversations easier.

Cultivating an Innovation Culture in Jacksonville

When the downtown Jacksonville innovation lab and software incubator for Adecco, a small creative team called Ignite, invited Harbinger to participate in the first-ever Jacksonville Innovation Summit, hi. jumped at the opportunity. Not only are they super-geeks that crush on incubators for major brands, especially when they have gorgeous offices in town, but also because hi. wants to see Jacksonville’s tech community come together more frequently for events such as this.

Jacksonville Innovation Summit

Agenda for Jacksonville Innovation Summit

On Monday, March 23rd Ignite will host a panel of three Jacksonville business executives:

Jon Bosworth - Chief Strategist

Jon Bosworth – Chief Strategist at hi.

  • Roger Rassman, Chief Marketing Officer at Community First Credit Union.
  • Jon Bosworth, Chief Strategist at Harbinger Innovation Group, a division of Harbinger Sign.
  • Sean Paley, President at Ignite, the research and design lab for Adecco Group.

Discussions on Innovation and Affecting Change in Company Culture

Throughout this event, attendees will explore the role that innovation plays in these well-known local, regional and global firms. These business leaders will share their unique experiences creating change within their respective companies. Each presenter will spend a portion of the time discussing important challenges and opportunities through which they moved their companies forward and will then respond to questions from attendees. In addition to the presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to meet and chat with a valuable network of industry experts.

The 2-hour session has limited seating, is free, and includes lunch; so make sure you RSVP early before the event is full. We hope to see you there!

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