Harbinger Is All In

When the Jacksonville Jaguars Need a Last Minute Win....

The Jacksonville Jaguars have experienced growing pains throughout the past few years. They’ve suffered losses when it counted most, have been scrutinized by national media, and undergone new management and ownership. However, this season seems to be starting out more optimistic. Not only has the team itself gone through dramatic changes, but the stadium just underwent major remodeling, including the addition of swimming pools and the installation of the largest jumbo screens in the nation. Through all these changes, the Jags are quickly becoming one of the biggest hopefuls for the 2014-2015 season.

“Our department came together to do what we do best, work well under pressure. So when this project came through, our department really pulled together to make it happen”Harbinger’s Pat Humphrees

The Jaguars and Harbinger Sign have worked together since their very first season. This relationship was recently strengthened when Coach Gus Bradley made what seemed to be an impossible last-minute request: to install large vinyl signs with inspirational quotes throughout the facilities before the first preseason game. Given the project’s timeline, all of the other vendors for the Jaguars passed up this difficult challenge. So they turned to the team they have always counted on to tackle the task, Harbinger.

Harbinger with the Turnaround for Coach Bradley

This short-notice installation exhibited the caliber of the personnel at Harbinger and showed what can be done with tried and tested experience and partners that are “all in.” With just 3 days to prepare, the project became an all-hands-on-deck initiative that took serious commitment from Harbinger’s digital printing and vinyl team. In this short timeframe, Harbinger accomplished large amounts of drawing, design, vinyl preparation, digital printing, steel fabrication, framework, painting, and installation—a feat just shy of a miracle.


Harbinger relishes being a strong player for our hometown team. Now Coach Bradley’s motivational vision can bolster team spirit for the players and fans alike with these inspirational installations. Hopefully we will see this turn into high morale and more wins throughout the season.

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