LED Retrofit for Energy-Efficient Signage

Harbinger's Patented LED Retrofit Is the Most Frequently Implemented in the US

Imagine your sign maintenance and energy costs reduced by up to 80%. Harbinger’s turnkey LED Retrofit Program can save you thousands of dollars per location, per year in wattage reduction, service calls and bulb replacement. We do retrofits everywhere in the continental US and after thousands of retrofit procedures, we have a near-zero failure rate. Saving you operational expenses and reducing your carbon footprint is a win-win which works wonders for our clients all over the nation.

The Most Used LED Retrofit Kit in the Nation

LED retrofit kitAs an industry leader in LED retrofitting, we were the first to convert fluorescent double-face pylon and other fluorescent signage types to LED lighting by using our patented LED Retrofit Kit. Additionally, we completed the first, large-scale, national LED retrofit program years ago. Prior to implementation of this first-of-its-kind program, we underwent years of extensive testing with multiple signage types to ensure a nearly flawless success rate.

But being the first isn’t as important to our clients as being the best. We’ve successfully implemented more than 2,000 LED conversions for 7-Eleven®, Inc. alone, and are currently managing hundreds of LED signs in new stores as well as flawless retrofit conversions for other brands across the US.

LED Vs. Fluorescent Lighting

On average, converting signs from fluorescent to LED reduces maintenance cycles from more than 2 to 3 times per year to just once every 5 to 10 years. Fluorescent bulbs are significantly more fragile and frequently break during transportation, installation, or inside the sign during storms and atypical weather events. While the cost of a new fluorescent bulb is minimal, the sign owner must pay for service technicians, a bucket truck, and safe disposal of the fluorescent bulb, which contains toxic mercury. In the end, the cost for just one fluorescent bulb going out can amount to hundreds of dollars.

Exterior Commercial LED Retrofit - Savings Graph


LED lights running approximately 10 hours per day can last a decade; meaning zero maintenance costs on your sign system for 10 years. And since they are solid-state devices with no moving parts, filaments or fragile glass, you can depend on them to keep your sign illuminated that entire time.

“With over 90 locations and maintenance costs skyrocketing, we look for every opportunity to save, and still maintain our brand. It wasn’t just the real financial costs associated with maintenance, but also the exhausting, time-consuming process of having the store managers take time out of managing their stores to report outages, then scheduling the service calls, and doing the ‘night patrol’ to make sure that signs were operating correctly.”Therese Grossman of Edwin Watts Golf

Goodwill Stores — Citizens of the Earth

goodwillAlthough reducing expenses is critical to successfully operating a business, reducing your environmental impact is good for the future of our world, your brand, and how your community perceives your business. Goodwill Industries International takes their environmental impact very seriously. So when they wanted to initiate a more eco-friendly sign solution for their many retail locations, they called us.

“As a leading non-profit, we have a responsibility to demonstrate a keen social conscience with respect to minimizing any impact our store operations can have on our environment today and in the future. Incorporating energy savings options meets our corporate mandate about being responsible world citizens. The additional benefit of achieving operating savings – we’re over the moon with that.”Karen Phillips, Goodwill’s Chief Administrative Officer

To learn more about how LEDs can benefit your business, please contact us. We can provide customized estimates based on the quantity, type and location of your signs. 


(Monetary estimates from Sacramento study in 2009.)

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