Lighting the Way (National Petroleum News)

Harbinger was an expert source for a story about lighting solutions for the convenience store and gas station industry in National Petroleum News magazine’s August 2010 issue.

In fact, LEDs have been around for more than 40 years, but for a long time they were primarily used in alarm clocks, flashlights and automobile taillights.

“This was in large part because they were previously only available in red—the naturally occurring color of the technology,” said Steve Williams, president of Harbinger. “Now you can purchase them in a variety of colors, and as the technology has advanced, prices have dropped. As a result, usability has dramatically increased, and they are playing an integral role in the green energy push.”

Based on Harbinger’s research and experience, they anticipate that the next major technology to take hold in the signage industry will be luminescent plastic. “Luminescent plastic is lit from within, without separate bulbs or wiring. Because signage using this technology would not require a cabinet to house the bulbs, the plastic would provide significant flexibility in sign design,” Williams said.


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