• The State of C-Store & Petroleum

    The convenience store and petroleum market is a complicated and nuanced sector to service. They deal with all of the regulatory oversight of any retail business plus alcohol, tobacco, petroleum, food service, and any litany of complications that come with the specifics of their location. And after all of that, they have to think about […]

  • Your Best Salesman Was Out Last Night!

    For any retail business, no single form of advertising has more impact on sales then it’s on premise signage. Studies show that buyers identify with a business through their signage. Just think of your favorite coffee shop without any sign to let you know it is there. When your sign is not properly lit, or […]

  • Rethinking the Jacksonville Landing

    The Jacksonville organization PB&J puts together “charity events to aid those non-profits that are specifically helping our community’s interests.” One of their annual events is PechaKucha. PechaKucha is a presentation format developed by an architecture firm in Tokyo in 2003 wherein the presenter shows 20 images, each image for...

  • One Spark Speaker Summit

    At last year’s One Spark festival, several people from the Harbinger team attended the underrated speaker series that was programmed by Carl Smith. At first, we just wanted to get out of the heat and melee of the festival experience to chill out in a library auditorium and see what Carl had put together, but […]

  • A Jacksonville Renaissance

    Steve Williams has a vision for his native city. Although raised in Jacksonville, Steve traveled around the world to arrive at the realization that there is no place like home. “Last year we considered moving much of our efforts to Atlanta, Georgia. We were frustrated with Jacksonville and disappointed in the way things seemed to be […]

  • Harbinger Innovation Group to Present at Ignite, Jacksonville

    Experience design is kind of a big deal to the techno-geeks in Harbinger Innovation Group. It’s a big deal everywhere these days. Innovation and experience design are hands-down the sexiest topics right now. It was no shocker when people learned that there are experience designers in the world of theme parks, but nowadays even 7-Eleven has […]

  • Wayfinding & Experience Design 101

    Think about a time when you unsuccessfully tried to navigate around a business park, healthcare facility or campus and there were no signs to point you in the right direction―you probably lost your cool, but that’s okay, everyone does. Possibly even more exasperating is that time when the signs only served to confuse you further. You’re […]

  • Placemaking & Wayfinding for Dogs

    Harbinger Innovation Group (hi.) was invited to put together a proposal for the new John Gorrie Dog Park being developed by Riverside Avondale Preservation for Jacksonville’s most densely populated historic neighborhood. A hip and trendy community, Riverside is chock full of beautiful Victorian homes, live oaks, and terrific parks. And Riversiders...

  • Guerrilla Public Art

    The line between art, design, and public utility has been a murky demarcation for millennia. Cave markings and visual storytelling throughout human history evince our ancient need for a shared narrative and an artist to guide that narrative. The noble pursuit of art brings us together around shared experiences and effectively communicates information...

  • Custom Fabricated Architectural Signage

    Although Jacksonville calls itself “the Bold New City of the South,” it is also an old city with a rich history. Combine downtown Jacksonville’s railroad history (dating back to the 1800s) with the legacy of the St Johns River and the River City’s seven bridges and discover a fascinating legacy rooted in steel and striking...

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