• 5 Ways Business is Better with Gas Price e-Signs

    Remember when changing gasoline prices involved the “suction cup” method of using long extended poles or climbing up a ladder to slide numbers into a plastic slot on your sign? Or when it took employees nearly 30 minutes to make a price change while exposing themselves to physical dangers and inclement weather? How about when […]

  • Business Partners for 30 Years

    Harbinger and Gate Petroleum have quite a few things in common – both companies were founded in Jacksonville, they are family-run businesses and they have worked together for 30 years. What started as a sign for a single location – a tennis club – has grown to managing the signage program for Gate’s Southern Division, […]

  • Quality Control to Meet Brand Standards

    No two signs are alike. But to keep with brand standards of national clients, the difference should be undetectable. When seeking a sign manufacturing company to create dozens or hundreds of brand signs, inquire about its processes that ensure signage consistency. Mike Lev, operations manager, explains the quality control checkpoints Harbinger uses...

  • What Our Move Means for You

    Moving a headquarters and manufacturing facility is a daunting task for the company making the move. But, for customers and partners, it should be nearly undetectable. That is the goal of Harbinger, which will be moving a few miles from its current location to a much larger facility this summer. By operating both locations throughout […]

  • Sign of Refreshment

    The Caribbean Bottling Company in Nassau, Bahamas is the market leader for non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages. Harbinger manufactured a new exterior 5-feet by 4-feet Coca-Cola brand wall sign for the company featuring energy-efficient LED illumination and Earth-friendly low-VOC paints. The sign met the stringent requirements of The Coca-Cola Company...

  • Six Steps to Site Surveys

    It’s not as simple as just “putting up a sign.” A successfully executed signage program is dependent on many critical factors, one of which is an analysis of the site. Following these six steps to site surveys is a good start to great signage. Check state, county, city and association codes and zoning laws to […]

  • The Lowdown on Low VOC

    First introduced to the market in 1992, low-VOC paints are becoming more widely used on interiors and signage. They are sometimes required by legislation, depending on state and county codes, and for U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification eligibility. Paint contains thousands of chemicals,...

  • Perspectives from SPECS 2011

    What do national retailers want from their signage program partners? Harbinger met with dozens of retailers during Chain StoreAge magazine’s 47th annual Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services Seminar (SPECS) to ask. The answer: Credibility. Reliability. Consistency. Cost savings. “Interestingly, immediate cost savings was...

  • Sign Scholarship Available to Downtown Jacksonville Organizations

    Harbinger, a national sign engineering and manufacturing firm, has launched its “Sign of the Future: Signage Scholarship” program for small and start-up organizations based in Jacksonville, Fla. The program will provide pro-bono signage valued up to $2,000 to a select applicant. With an initial focus on Downtown Jacksonville, organizations located...

  • Harbinger Featured in Sign Builder Illustrated magazine

    Harbinger is profiled in Sign Builder Illustrated magazine’s Going Green supplement. The story, A Harbinger of Efficiency, highlights the company’s approach to research and development, its environmentally friendly solutions and Lean manufacturing practices. Related posts: Lighting the Way (National Petroleum News) Lean Manufacturing &...

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