Placemaking & Wayfinding for Dogs

Proposed Signage System for John Gorrie Dog Park in Riverside

Harbinger Innovation Group (hi.) was invited to put together a proposal for the new John Gorrie Dog Park being developed by Riverside Avondale Preservation for Jacksonville’s most densely populated historic neighborhood. A hip and trendy community, Riverside is chock full of beautiful Victorian homes, live oaks, and terrific parks. And Riversiders love their dogs.

proposal for wayfinding and branded environment for Jacksonville dog park

hi. We Create Brands & Design Sign Systems for Placemaking

hi. put together a brand package, a sign system for a monument sign at the entrance, wayfinding signage within the park, memorial opportunities, sculptural elements, and even innovated the graphic environments surrounding the park to bring life and attention to the new feature.
hi. fabricated and bound this proposal in metal because this concept launches the dog park into outer space.

Graphic and branded interior proposal for a dog park in Florida

The Monument Signage – A Dramatic Entrance

Dog park entrance monumenthi. designed a monument sign that would stand tall and distinct to make the entrance of the John Gorrie Dog Park visible from other areas within the sprawling Riverside Park. A sculptural monument sign with a graphic map introduces the user to the brand of the environment. The geometric concept catered to the young, hip residents of this community and presented a nice juxtaposition to the traditional architecture of the historic neighborhood.


Building the Brand Identity

Proposed brand guidelines for a sign system for a dog park

Proposed Brand Guidelines for John Gorrie Dog Park

By developing a comprehensive set of brand elements for the proposed design of the park’s branded environment, the operators of the dog park are able to follow a set of standards that keep the brand’s visual vocabulary intact and allow them to utilize brand elements for future communications in a way that keeps the identity consistent and recognizable.


Designing the Sign System

Sign system proposal for a dog park in Jacksonville

The Sign System Conveyed in a Variety of Usages

An effective sign system design will give fabricators everything they need to add to or expand the signage program by establishing the guidelines and fundamentals of the initial design for easy duplication or expansion in the future.


Engaging the Local Art Community in Developing the Branded Environment

Environmental graphics opportunity to engage local artists
In addition to designing the critical elements at the entrance and within the interior of the park, hi. took advantage of some surrounding opportunities to engage the community at a deeper level. These suggestions included designating the neighboring underpass wall as an opportunity for co-creation with local artists to create a public art experience in tandem with this project.


Using Projection to Enhance the Branded Environment

Experience design using existing structures

Experience Design Using Projection

Harbinger Innovation specializes in creative experience design. Part of the creative process was an initial site visit. During the visit, the team noted the towering underbelly of the elevated highway. At night the structure is menacing and can make the environment feel less welcoming. hi. addressed this challenge by transforming the space into an asset that creates demand and makes the park an evening destination for after-work dog-walkers.

A colored light built into a monument piece projects onto the towering structure, providing more light to the area while facilitating visitors and their pets engaging in shadow play. This element also makes activity at the dog park visible from a great distance, enhancing awareness and drawing more people to the space.

Harbinger Innovation – Designing the Future

Environmental Graphics Proposal

Harbinger Innovation Creative Director Ed Busey with Riverside Avondale Preservation’s Carmen Godwin

hi. was grateful to be invited to propose an experience design and branded environment to the John Gorrie Dog Park. As Jacksonville locals, the hi. team would love to see our communities and city invest in an engaging environment throughout this project. We would love to see Riverside Avondale Preservation bring this vision to life, but whatever they choose, we hope it elevates the community through good experiential design.

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