If It Aint Broke, It’s Been Fixed

Talking Harbinger’s Excellence in Service and Maintenance

Let’s face it – signs have a tough job. They’ve typically got to live outdoors 24/7, standing up to weather, wear’n’tear, and even vandalism. We can barely last more than a few minutes outside without air conditioning in this late summer heat, and we expect signs to do the job all day long. This is why service and maintenance is such an important aspect to our work at Harbinger. We build signs strong, with special attention paid to durability of materials. But when things inevitably happen, whether it be six months down the line or six years, we’re there to make sure your best salesman – your signage – is up and running like new.

We sat down for a quick chat with Nicole Lukenbill, one of our top-notch Service Coordinators out of our Texas office. She’s pretty busy making sure all of our customers are taken care of, but she spared a few minutes to talk about what makes our service and maintenance program shine.

Harbinger: Let’s talk about our service and maintenance abilities – what sort of coverage do we provide our customers?

Nicole: We provide great customer service, working through our approved contractor base of over 400 companies. We service all areas throughout the US. We provide troubleshooting/diagnostics, T&M service and installation. Harbinger’s warranty calls are handled by us as well.


H: Tell us about typical reasons signs have to be serviced.

N: Most service calls come in because of price signs either not communicating or LED’s being out, followed by faces that need replacement because they are cracked or faded or just completely destroyed by a vehicle. Whatever the damage or problem, we’re ready to handle it.


H: What’s a typical expected response time for one of our customers in need of service?

N: Typical response time is within 48 hours, which is great for our customers. Some may take longer depending on whether parts need to be ordered, travel time and how large the signs are in case a crane truck is needed, but we always try and hit that window for our first response.


H: Where do you think Harbinger excels service and maintenance-wise, and why?

N: I think we excel in all aspects of service and maintenance, but mainly it’s all about excelling in keeping the customer happy and making timely repairs. We are really good at doing that, and that’s why our customers keep coming back when they need us.

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