We're Going Big in Texas

We are thrilled, proud, ecstatic and setting off recycled-confetti cannons as we announce that this past November, Harbinger added Tim O’Donnell onto the company letterhead as Executive Vice President.

Like Roger Williams, Tim is a second-generation sign man. Beginning his career in 1976 at Heath and Company in Los Angeles, Tim worked his way through the service and sales divisions, creating an impressive vendor base, developing a keen methodology for identifying qualified contractors and establishing tight client relationships. He’s lived the sign business from the ground all the way up to holding the higher positions of vice president, general manager, chief operating officer, president and chief executive officer. Not to mention, being involved in mergers and acquisitions to take a small company to $70 million a year, is no small feat. We are blown away by Tim’s experience.

Tim will be bringing his consult-style game to our new Dallas office. Cue more confetti! That’s right, dust of your boots because we’re going to Texas, y’all. Harbinger’s past tells us that we have a customer base that is west of the mighty Mississippi River and they need us to be a little closer.

The welcoming of Tim O’Donnell to create our western presence is key to Harbinger establishing a national first-class, dedicated service center that will allow us to bring life to our vision of providing an on-call vendor-partner service network, sign and lighting maintenance, LED and parking lot light retrofits, and energy management of your Harbinger products. Our Jacksonville headquarters will support our growing network to offer high-quality products anywhere in the U.S. at a fair price and with a strong support system to stand behind them.

Long-term, this comprehensive oversight of maintenance, repair and retrofit by Harbinger will benefit our clients by reducing major maintenance, repair and energy costs. We want you to get a positive return from your investment. Your business is important to you, and you are important to Harbinger’s business.

We are so happy for this New Year we are beaming … in low voltage, LED of course.

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