Your Best Salesman Was Out Last Night!

For any retail business, no single form of advertising has more impact on sales then it’s on premise signage. Studies show that buyers identify with a business through their signage. Just think of your favorite coffee shop without any sign to let you know it is there. When your sign is not properly lit, or out altogether, that’s exactly what happens after the sun goes down. An unlit sign results in lost business opportunity and that goes straight to the bottom line.

Preventative Maintenance
One way to head off problems like this is to purchase a Preventative Maintenance Plan from Harbinger. Much like any outdoor device, signs endure wear and tear from the elements and every day usage. With one of Harbinger’s plans, your sign is sure to operate properly day and night. PM plans are custom designed and may include services like:

  • Annual inspection and cleaning
  • Replacing worn lamps, ballasts and electrical components
  • Reset or replace worn time clocks or photo cells
  • Repaint faded cabinets or structures
  • Inspect and replace parking lot and canopy lighting

Each plan can address the specific needs of the business and are competitively priced to fit into any operating budget.

Asset Inventory
Many customers have discovered that a Preventative Maintenance Plan provides an excellent record of their sign assets. After each annual inspection is completed, photographs are taken and the condition recorded and provided to the end user. This acts as a permanent record that can prove valuable should any damage occur and a claim is necessary.

Good Business
A clean and well-lit sign and parking lot tells your customers that you care about their business and you will appreciate the increased security in knowing your signs and lighting are operating day and night.

So don’t let your best salesman take the night off. Call Harbinger for a quote today!

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