Advancing Sign Programs Since 1962

Harbinger is a family owned company that has been making the signs of the future since 1962. We’ve been elevating brands through advanced technology, creative thinking and impeccable customer service for more than 50 years. From the installers to the executives, we have a longstanding reputation for delivering innovative sign solutions that move businesses forward.


7-Eleven, Gate, CSX, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pollo Tropical, Cabana Grille, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Goodwill, Maxwell House, Pepsi, Circle-K



History of Harbinger Sign

Harbinger is a privately owned custom sign manufacturer founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1963. We design, manufacture, install and service signs everywhere in the continental United States from our home office and manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, as well as offices in Dallas, Texas.


In 1963, George Massey purchased Willis Neon, a small sign company in Jacksonville, Florida. Massey changed the name to Quality Neon Sign and struggled to bring the company back to a solid financial position. Massey passed away in 1972 and his son-in-law, Roger Williams, came to Jacksonville to help close the company. Instead, Williams decided to take over the fledgling enterprise. Roger Williams led the company to a new level of financial stability.

1995 - 7-Eleven and Retro-Fitting

In 1995, Harbinger Sign began its relationship with 7-Eleven when we invented and introduced an innovative and more cost-effective illumination system for signs utilizing LED technologies in place of the prevailing fluorescent illumination. In 2011, Harbinger was named the national sign provider for 7-Eleven and currently provides all electronic price signs for 7-Eleven locations and every new 7-Eleven pylon sign.


In 2006, Massey’s grandson, Steve Williams, joined the company and rapidly moved into the role of President as Roger transitioned to Chief Executive Officer. In 2010, Steve lead the effort to change the identity of Quality Sign to Harbinger Sign of the Future. Although we took quality out of our name, we’ll never take it out of our products and services.


Steve Williams incorporated lean business practices to make the company run more efficiently, speeding up delivery times, quality of production, and profitability. Since 2012, Harbinger has introduced Florida Mining, a contemporary art gallery, and the content creation team Harbinger Innovation Group (hi.) to its family of businesses.

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Harbinger Family of Businesses

Harbinger Innovation Group

In 2014 Steve Williams started Harbinger Innovation Group, a small team of creatives that specialize in strategic content creation. From identity design for traditional signage to content strategy for user interfaces and digital sign systems, "hi." focuses on communications strategies that utilize digital technologies and an understanding of contemporary user contexts to activate brand interactions.

Florida Mining Gallery

In 2012 Harbinger moved into a new facility in Jacksonville Florida and introduced a gallery space for emerging and mid-career artists. The inclusion of a gallery in the company holdings helped present Harbinger as a forward-thinking company in regard to aesthetics and participation in the art and design community. In 2013 Florida Mining curated the North of Modern show at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Florida Mining regularly shows regional and national artists inside our Jacksonville gallery space.